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General Environmental Practice Engaging In...

Environmental Engineering
  • Wastewater treatment and collection facility design

  • Drainage studies and grading plan design

  • TXDOT paving, driveway, roadbore, and utility installation design

  • Design of upgrades, retrofits, and capacity expansions for sewer collection, wastewater treatment, and public water supply systems

  • Land Planning, including subdivision layout and platting

  • Oil and gas disposal and storage pit design

  • Well pad construction design and drainage

  • Personal low water crossing design

Environmental Permitting
  • Permit renewals, amendments, and applications for wastewater, stormwater, and public water systems

  • Preparation and submission of CCN applications for water and wastewater utilities

  • Permitting and management for TPDES and TLAP domestic wastewater systems

  • Stormwater permiting for construction and multi-sector systems

  • Grant and loan permit applications for municipal utilities

  • Rate/Tariff increases for water and wastewater utilities

  • Sale, transfer, or merger of a public utility

  • Waste and sludge transporter registration

  • Air permits and registrations 

  • Water rights permitting

  • Annual reporting support

  • Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) 

Environmental Services
  • Environmental  Site Assessments (ESA) Phase I and II

  • Transaction Screening

  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan Development

  • Soil Sampling and Reporting

  • FEMA Flood Plain Map studies and interpretations

  • Support for resolution of enforcement issues (TCEQ, EPA, RRC, PUC)

  • Litigation Support

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